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Spiritual House Cleansing
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Smudging: Ritual House Cleansing

Sage has historically been used in smudging rituals as a means of invoking purification, protection, longevity, and immortality. The burning of sage is a popular practice espoused by various healing and spiritual groups. The word sage - salvia - comes from the Latin word salvare, which translated means "To heal".

White sage is sourced from the coastal regions of Southern California. On the psychic energetic level the practice of smudging is a ritual way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies or influences.

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The healing properties of sage

The healing properties in sage come from antibiotic agents. Some people boil sage and drink the water as a tea.  Relief can be found in the smoke for sinus congestion and pain and even for migraine headaches.  Break off a single leaf, and breathe the smoke through your nose.  If any adverse effects are experienced, stop immediately. Also see: Holistic medicine

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The ritual of smudging - Sacred Smoke Blessing

the ritual of smudging - spiritual cleaning

The ritual of smudging can be defined as "spiritual house cleaning." Smudging is the common name given to the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition. However the burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification is common practice in many religious, healing, and spiritual traditions.

The smoke attaches itself to negative energy. As the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it to regenerate into something more positive. Tests have also shown that the smoke of burning sage literally changes the ionization polarity of the air.

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Personal Cleansing

If you have been in the close company of negative people or have been involved in a negative situation your energy will be low. You may even feel depressed as an after-effect. Smudging is very effective when you've been feeling depressed, angry, resentful or unwell or after you have had an argument with someone. When this is the case, your entire energy field will require cleansing. Also see: energy healing. At times it will be possible for you to perform this ritual for yourself, with the use of a lit smudge stick.

At other times you may detect the need for some assistance, both in terms of spiritual intuition and because it can be tricky to sweep the smoke over the entire outline of your body, front and back, head to toe. In a sympathetically conducted ritual, I will gather the smoke with my hand and draw it into the perimeter of your body. Special attention will be given to areas of stress and unbalance in relation to the individual spirit-body so that cleansing and protection can be experienced.

Personal cleansing can also be used as part of an holistic complementary therapy approach in harmony with such techniques as crystal healing, meditation and chakra balancing.

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Living Space Cleansing

living space cleansing -  Belfast

Moving into a New House

In the home, smudging can shift the negativity left behind by visitors, previous tenants or previous owners.

I offer to cleanse and bless your home, using white sage in a purification ceremony. The purification and protective qualities embodied in sage clear space for new awareness as I cleanse the door frames, walls, window frames and very corners of your rooms from the back of the living space to the front door. This is particularly helpful when conducted at time of moving home.

Smudging is also powerful means of cleansing the rooms of teens with difficulties and can encourage a sense of calm in them. Have you ever felt the hairs on your neck standing on end when you enter a particular room? I carry out the appropriate ceremony to purify the space and purify negative entities which will have attached themselves to the fabric of the room.

Selling Your House

And, if you are selling your house, have your home cleansed of emotional attachment and unresolved issues which may repel potential buyers. I will help you smudge the house so they feel welcome and safe and eager to move in.

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Further Information

Please contact Moonpaths for further information on Smudging. I am based in Northern Ireland in the city of Belfast.


In the interest of safety, please ensure that, if you are carrying out your own smudging, that you thoroughly extinguish your sage bundle afterwards.

Spaces and Objects

Any space or object can be smudged to remove negative energy including tools and people. Any crystals or spiritual tools used in healing should be smudged, as should areas which have experienced conflict, since negative entities will cling to the items and places.

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