Therapy and Guidance

Life Coaching and counselling combine to help you clarify and set your life-goals

Better hear your true calling by confronting your fears

Attain your dreams

And establish a healthy work-life balance which underpins your peace and contentment

life coaching northern ireland

Life Coaching
in Belfast

I offer a unique opportunity for you to form with me a life-changing partnership. Life Coaching recognises that as energy beings we benefit from a compassionate but challenging system of support to help us make positive changes in our lives.

With a Masters Degree in Professional and Personal Development and a background in business and counselling, I work alongside you in sessions specifically tailored to your individual needs so you are healed and empowered to attain your desired goals. I utilise alternative and complementary therapies such as holistic counselling, meditation, crystal healing and visualisation.

I bring a blend of experience in cognitive behavioural therapy together with natural intuition to my work and look forward to the privilege of making the journey with you to a more fulfilling life.

A gifted life coach can work with anyone, no matter what their beliefs and background. Working from Belfast in Northern Ireland, I look forward to making an energetic connection to you so that together we can begin walking a pathway which will lead to your healing and attaining your true spiritual calling.

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