Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - CBT

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What are the benefits of a cognitive behavioural therapy approach to counselling?

Cognitive therapy will help you discover the roots of your problem. It is a counselling therapy designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the root causes, which is the first step to resolving your problems.

Psychotherapy will help you to gain new insights. You will begin to identify repetitive, unhelpful patterns of behaviour. You will start to see why you respond in specific ways to specific situations.

Counselling sessions will help you increase your ability to change. As you gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours through cognitive behavioural therapy, you will find that you can choose to react differently, thereby changing your life.


About Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy is a type of psychotherapy devised by psychiatrist Aaron T. Beck in the 60's. Beck concluded that the way in which his clients perceived, interpreted and attributed meaning (cognition) was a key to effective therapy. Beck initially focused on depression, developing a list of "errors" in thinking that cause or maintain depression, including over-generalisation and magnification (of negatives) and minimization (of positives). Cognitive behavioural therapy seeks to identify and change "distorted" or "unrealistic" ways of thinking, and therefore to influence emotion and behaviour.

The 70's gave rise to a "cognitive revolution" in psychology. Behaviour modification techniques and cognitive therapy techniques became joined together, becoming Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

CBT aims to help the client to become aware of thought distortions which are causing psychological distress and of behaviour patterns which reinforce it, and to correct them. The objective is not to correct every distortion in a client's entire outlook -- and after all, virtually everyone distorts reality in many ways - just those which may be at the root of distress. The therapist makes every effort to understand experiences from the client's point of view, and the client and therapist will work collaboratively, exploring the client's thoughts, assumptions and inferences. Thus the client learns to test these by checking them against reality and against other assumptions.

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