Therapy and Guidance

Counselling and support through the bereavement and grieving process when a loved one has passed over

Bereavement healing and specialist counselling for relatives of those who have taken their lives

Energy healing and transformation work after the pain of separation/divorce

Support for parents seeking to help children through their separation

belfast and northern ireland bereavement and grief counselling

and Grief Counselling
for Loss, Separation and Divorce
in South-East Belfast

Grief, bereavement, mourning and emotional pain are a natural part of the human experience. Death is not the only situation that causes us to grieve or mourn: The end of a relationship can trigger a grief response too. Allow me to walk you through the grieving process whilst channelling the energy healing appropriate to your situation.

The grieving process is an inevitability after loss. Each one of us who has experienced loss through a loved one passing over or as a result of separation or divorce must go through it. Energy healing is a tool for freeing up blockages in the process and for kickstarting the process for those who are suffering from a delay in its onset.

For those having difficulty with the grief process, I have many years experience in providing one to one emotional counselling support if you wish to talk out your grief and attain closure.

Other areas where I have specialist counselling experience as well as the gift of emotional healing are suicide and assisting children and teenagers to recover from family break up (also see: family therapy).

I am based in the South-East Belfast area of Northern Ireland.

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