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Located in the South-East Belfast area of Northern Ireland, Moonpaths offers a range of mind body spirit therapies which includes counselling, holistic life coaching and energy healing. To find out more please
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Alison Paterson BA Hons
Masters in Professional and Personal Development MSc
Spiritual Life Coach

Counselling and Life Coaching
Moonpaths Northern Ireland

Effective counselling with the use of alternative therapies will liberate you spiritually. I bring a blend of experience to my counselling work. As well as being qualified to practise Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I have a Masters Degree in Professional and Personal Development. I also possess the gift of natural intuition and have a substantial background in Business and Counselling. So, for example, allow me the privilege of walking you through the grieving process, beit after a death, separation or divorce, freeing blockages in your pathway. Or access support and healing for issues such as depression, suicide, parenting, self-harm, self-esteem, M.E. - chronic fatigue syndrome, bullying, sexual assault, relationship difficulties etc.

At Moonpaths, you can also avail of life coaching in a safe and supportive framework of trust, freedom of expression and confidentiality. I will work with you to explore your inner being. As a natural intuitive, I can engage with you at a deep level to align with your spiritual self and identify your present and future needs. Guidance in setting realistic, exciting life goals which reflect your true passions and spiritual gifting will enable you to unlock the door to a new stimulating powerful dimension.

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